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Jul 18, 2011 5:00am PDT
sleepworld. >>> welcome back. it's 5:42. the bbc says rebecca brooks will testify tomorrow in front of a british parliamentary scandal and lawmakers are expected to grill rupert murdoch. the phone scandal has led to another arrest. london's police chief quit over his links to news of the world scandal. she was released on bail after spending 12 hours in police custody. >> brooks.... >> there is no way a reporter can come in with a kind of salacious page 1 story without an editor saying, who is your source? >> brooks is the tenth person to be arrested. papers are accused of hacking the cellphones of some 4,000 people in search of scoops. >> a new study suggests that when you are riding in car kids are safer riding in grandpa than with their parents. 50% less likely to be injured when grand parents are driving. researchers say they believe older drivers may drive more cautiously than parents do when the grandchildren are on board. >>> gold surges to a new record high. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> $50 investment that could get you a great deal on a bay area home. >>> extr
Jul 19, 2011 5:00am PDT
of duties. >> murdoch, son james and rebecca brooks, former chief of executive of the newspaper operations will be telephoning this morning about an hour from now. they announced an inquiry into police media relations and possible corruption. >> the spais shuttle left the international space station for the last time. the crew of four are due back on earth thursday morning, left behind a year's worth of supplies and left the space station crew with a shuttle model and u.s. flags that flew on the first shuttle mission. it will mark the end of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. >> heat wave gripping the midwest is likely to spread to the east coast. 17 states have watches and voices posted. and it's not a dry heat. >> much of the heat is centered over areas still drying out after massive spring floods. all that surface water is evaporating adding high humidity to triple-digit humidity. almost three-quarters of texas is in an exceptional drought. here is what it looks like now. in neighboring oklahoma, ponds are drying up forcing farmers to move their fish by hand to save them. parts of oklahoma
Jul 19, 2011 6:00am PDT
brooks will also appear for questioning today. >> space shuttle atlantis has left the international space station for the last time. they undocked from the space station late last night, the crew of four are due back on earth sunday morning, they left behind a year's worth of supplies and left the crew with a commemorative shuttle model and u.s. flag that flew on the space shuttle mission in 1981. >>> we were talking last week about it heated up a bit, now, mike? >> he is making us wait, a little step at a time there. >> definitely, baby steps as we talked about and with the cloud hanging around the coast and bay this morning. you may miss out on a warming trend while inland will build on the warmth. let's talk about what happened yesterday real quick and set the stage for today. the low that brought us the clouds is pulling away after bringing a record rainfall amount to eureka of nearly .2 of an inch. winds being calm this morning we don't have much of a breeze on the surface. 13 at sfo, 12 at fairfield. above the surface, marine layer pushing the cloud into our neighborhoods and keepin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3